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December 8, 2022 - Oumou Fofana

Social Media Reacts To Sizzla Destroying Plaques Sent To Him By DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Sizzla
Social Media Reacts To Sizzla Destroying Plaques Sent To Him By DJ Khaled
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On Thursday (Dec. 8), Jamaican reggae artist Sizzla posted videos on his Instagram account of him burning platinum plaques that he earned after being featured on DJ Khaled’s projects. He appeared on the intro track to DJ Khaled’s 2017 album Grateful and his 2019 album Father of Asahd ‘s intro track “Holy Mountain” along with Buju Banton, Mavado and 070 Shake. Sizzla was also featured his latest album, God Did, on “These Streets Know My Name” alongside Skillibeng, Buju Banton, Capleton and Bounty Killer.

It is unclear what led Sizzla to burn the plaques, but in the video he mentioned that DJ Khaled insulted him. The internet believes he must have been upset because his name appeared to be in a smaller font on the plaques.

“Bredda. One song you appear on out of 15 and you feel your name must be “bigger?” This is petty and immature and you cyah tell me otherwise. Yes Sizzla is a big [artist] but to be featured by DJ Khaled, all if a piece a paper me get my name on, I’m framing that shit,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user said, “Releasing this video without context is [kind of] careless still. He’s sending not only Khaled a message but the entire world. If it’s about the culture vulture, then Sizzla should’ve know of that for years and I hope it’s not the font size as we hear the bobo make mention.”

“RIAA makes all the plaques the same way. Sizzla too dark heights a darkness nah see nuh light. Disrespectful to Khaled as well who [is] always respectful to Sizzla and the culture,” said Jerome9x.

“Ain’t never seen a rasta man start no s**t and so I really want to know what DJ Khaled did to Sizzla,” HerAfricanness_ said.

“Am I watching Sizzla burn his platinum plaques that DJ Khaled sent him for his contribution to his two albums.. This is the heights of ignorance.. why are ppl like this? I’m so embarrassed for the culture .. damn fool,” another Twitter user said.

“Like regardless of whether DJ Khaled has the power or the hood in the industry to make those changes (cause he do) why people upset that Sizzla of all musicians did that? He’s legit pon brand. If he feels disrespected he has every right imo,” wrote GelliJelli.