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July 1, 2020

St. Louis ‘Ken & Karen’ Under Investigation After Pointing Guns At Protestors 

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St. Louis ‘Ken & Karen’ Under Investigation After Pointing Guns At Protestors 

The Kens and Karen’s of the world HAVE to get checked! 

A video went viral of a St. Louis, Missouri couple pointing their guns at demonstrators who were protesting in the area they live in. In the horrifying and disturbing footage, you see the white male holding an AR-15 rifle and the white woman was waving around her handgun. The duo intimidated people fighting for human rights and against white supremacy. 

Reported on Daily Mail, the gun-carrying couple is identified as lawyers, Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia McCloskey, 61. Another report says they run the McCloskey Law Center in Missouri. The McCloskey’s claim “they feared for their lives after the protesters allegedly broke down the gate into their private community and threatened them.” 

However, the protesters were not targeting the McCloskeys’ home. They were walking to the St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson’s house. Krewson faced heavy criticism for reading aloud during a public briefing the full names and street addresses of protesters who are calling on the city to defund the police department. This is what prompted demonstrators to march to Krewson’s home. Unfortunately, to get there, they had to pass the McCloskey’s. 

The McCloskey’s made an official police report saying THEY felt “threats of harm.” Police announced on Monday (June 29) the McCloskey’s wouldn’t be charged, however, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner announced she’s working with police and prosecutors to investigate.

CNN host, Chris Cuomo, sat with Mr. McCloskey Tuesday (June 30) to discuss the situation. Cuomo told Mr. McCloskey that he and his wife have become “the face of political resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement and white resistance.” Mr. McCloskey said some protesters broke an iron gate to access his private property and threatened to kill him and his family.

Cuomo said:

“To me, it’s not about what’s right and wrong in a court of law, it’s what we have right and wrong about how we treat each other. And that’s why the president retweeted this tweet … Mr. McCloskey, you know it. He retweeted it because he liked the image of white resistance to [the Black Lives Matter] movement.” In response, Mr. McCloskey said,

Cuomo went on to tell McCloskey that they were wrong for “pointing a loaded weapon at a group of people who were walking past.”

“They did not go up your steps. They didn’t go to your house. They didn’t touch you, they didn’t try to enter your home or do anything to your kids, but you say you were assaulted.”

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Authorities are also reportedly investigating the protestors.

This is why you may have seen “Ken and Karen” movie posters trending online……