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January 18, 2018

Stacey Dash Bashes Oprah + Admits She Knew About Weinstein’s Ways!

HOT News
Stacey Dash Bashes Oprah + Admits She Knew About Weinstein’s Ways!
Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez – Getty Images
Stacey Dash is bold for this one.
A few days after singer Seal was dragged for his post claiming Oprah knew about Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting women, Stacey Dash jumped on the bandwagon.
Not only did Dash claim that Oprah knew, she says most of the actors and actresses wearing black at the Golden Globes knew including HERSELF… reported that Dash stated:
I won’t walk back what I believe. Oprah the homecoming queen, prom queen and class president knew. Meryl, the high school drama star knew. Most of those women wearing black knew. The class clown, Seth McFarland knew. He joked about it a few years ago on the Oscars, Hollywood’s equivalent of the prom. You know how I can say this? BECAUSE I KNEW.
So how “clueless” am I? I knew enough when meeting Harvey Weinstein, to bring a male chaperone and it paid off as he did make a move on me. My chaperone blocked him and said, “Not this one.” You can read all about it here. My chaperone knew.
As so many of my critics like to point out, aside from “Clueless” I am nobody. So how did this “nobody” know about Harvey Weinstein, and the popular, powerful mogul, Oprah Winfrey did not? How did the Oscar-laden “Iron Lady” Meryl Streep not know? Hollywood is one big, dark, John Hughes movie. Some of us sit with the regular kids. Some are the outsiders. However, the cool kids sit at the cool kids lunch table and they talk.