October 4, 2018

Suge Knight Sentenced to 28 Years in State Prison!

Suge Knight Sentenced to 28 Years in State Prison!

Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown  – Getty Images


Suge Knight has finally been sentenced, and it isn’t light at all!


The’ Death Row’ former industry mogul has been sentenced to 28 years in state prison.


Suge Knight was charged for the killing of Terry Carter as well as injuring a bystander outside of a Compton burger joint in 2015.


According to reports Knight “pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter” and accepted his sentence of 28 years.


Terry Carter’s daughter read a letter to Knight before he was taken away that read referred to him as  a “disgusting, selfish disgrace to the human species,” Carter’s daughter went on to say: “We’ve been here 93 times. 94 Court dates we’ve had to endure, I’ve always wanted justice for my dad, but now we finally got it.”

Source: FOX NEWS 

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