April 16, 2022

Tasha K Reportedly Refuses To Remove Cardi B. Videos, Faces Potential Jail Time

Cardi B
Tasha K Reportedly Refuses To Remove Cardi B. Videos, Faces Potential Jail Time

Is Tasha K breaking a federal court order?

According to reports, the blogger refuses to delete her defamatory videos about Cardi B . XXL reports, on April 14, journalist Dennis Byron jumped on his Twitter account and shared information about Cardi’s case. According to him, Cardi B’s attorneys are mounting a legal response to Tasha K because she has not removed the offending videos. 

He tweeted, “Breaking! The Blogger Lady aka #TashaK defies Federal Court Order by failing to remove defamatory statements about @iamcardib. #CardiB Legal teams mounts a response. She is facing possible prison time and financial sanctions. This is a developing story.” Take a look at the tweet below:

The outlet also points out Dennis hopped on live and spoke on it further. He said, 

“This is a federal judge’s order and it is very specific and it was a consenting order by mutual parties. So…at this point when you violate a judge’s order there are one or two things that could happen. They could throw you in jail. They could fine you. Being thrown in jail is one thing but then the fine is up to $50,000 and up to a year in jail. What was she (Tasha K) thinking?”

Tasha appeared on Fox Soul, and the episode aired on YouTube on April 15. Tasha said she doesn’t “regret a thing” and still stands on everything she said on the show. She also spoke out in a YouTube video and said she’ll take her case all the way to the Supreme Court, if she has to. She’s seeking justice. Tasha said, “This is my life and I will spend my life fighting for my livelihood and our First Amendment right as human beings.”

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