February 21, 2019

The MAGA Effect? These Three Stories Will Make You Say WTF! [PHOTO+VIDEO]

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The MAGA Effect? These Three Stories Will Make You Say WTF! [PHOTO+VIDEO]

Photo credit – Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

We live in a crazy world, and since the birth of “MAGA,” it seems like it has gotten crazier. For your daily WTF report, here you go:


1. A 7-year-old from Texas made a hot chocolate stand to raise money for Donald Trump’s wall. The kid managed to raise $2,000 and even told his buyers what the money would be for. The kid is reportedly “moved” by Trump. 


2. The Washington Post is currently getting sued by the family of the teenager who made fun of Native Americans in a viral video. They filed a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper and they are seeking $250 million in damages for its coverage of the incident. The lawsuit claims that the paper “targeted” and “bullied” the teen.

This is the video that went viral of the teen making fun of the Native Americans:


3. Now, this is different. In Italy, they created a GIANT God Emperor Trump for 147th Viareggio Carnival Parade complete with Giant Twitter Sword. According to The Independent, Fabrizio Galli, the creator of the sculpture, ‘said he was inspired by Warhammer 40,000 because the period of intellectual debate has been long gone, and that the world has now ‘entered the era of fantasy’ and ‘virtual life.’” On the sword, it had an Italian phrase “dazi vostri” which translates to “none of your business,” in English, according to the report. The sculptor said that it’s a joke, but in reality, some view Trump as a person who is actually destroying lives, like when he separated children from their parents.