December 21, 2018

These School Employees Deserve an Award for Giving Back to Students!

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These School Employees Deserve an Award for Giving Back to Students!

Photo credit: Robert Benson / Getty Images 

No good deeds goes unpunished! These school employees have shown selflessness towards their students.  These three acts of kindness will pull at your heartstrings.

In New Brunswick, New Jersey, a physical education teacher, Jennifer Olawski, gave her students a surprise of their life. Olawski raised over thousands of dollars, and purchased gifts for every single student at the school! How sweet? Ever student at Livingston Elementary received four hand-wrapped presents, yesterday (December 19th, 2018). The reason for the season, indeed.

Another act of school employee kindness, this janitor has been giving homeless students clothes, soap and much more. Carolyn Collins, a high school custodian, met two students by a knock on the cafeteria door, before school started. She learned that the students had been living in their cars. She then came up with what she calls ‘Giving Closet’, which holds food, clothes, shoes and toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant. She started the closet 4 years ago, and has been giving out supplies to those students in need, quietly, ever since. Way to go! 

Lastly, in the Christmas spirit, a bus driver buys breakfast for 50 students after a school delay due to the weather.  In Alabama, Wayne Price, provided these students with breakfast out of the kindness of his heart. For many students, school breakfast is the only way they’ll eat in the morning. Due to the delay, they would’ve went hungry.

This is awesome! Tis’ the season!