December 4, 2020

Top Jay-Z Moments From Over The Years At Hot 97

Top Jay-Z Moments From Over The Years At Hot 97

The GOAT Jay-Z turns 51 today. To celebrate Hov day, we highlighted top Jigga moments at Hot 97 from over the years:

1. Summer Jam (2001)

Hip hop fans will never forget back SJ of 2001. Jay-Z had two epic moments. First, he debuted “Takeover,” which ignited his Nas feud. Then he brought Michael Jackson on stage after performing “Izzo (H.O.V.A.),” which samples the king of pop. MJ didn’t perform, but just him being on stage was CRAZY! See the real story behind that insane moment. 

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2.Roc-A-Fella freestyle (2001)

Hov pulled up to the station with the entire Roc-A-Fella crew to Funkmaster Flex’s night show. The entire night was epic!


3. Rosenberg + Cipha Sounds Juan Ep (2001)


4. Grammy Family Freestyle in 2006. 

Hov rapped over DJ Khaled’s “Grammy Family.” The freestyle was so fire, it ended up getting on rotation from time to time!


5. Funk Flex premiered “Otis” in 2011.