July 31, 2019

Wait! Did Rick Ross Take ‘Maybach Music VI’ w/ Lil’ Wayne & Pusha T OFF His Album?

Wait! Did Rick Ross Take ‘Maybach Music VI’ w/ Lil’ Wayne & Pusha T OFF His Album?
(Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

What is going on with “Maybach Music VI?”

Last week, Rick Ross stepped up to Hot 97 where he spoke about what to expect on his next album Port of Miami 2. It was there where he revealed that dispite a longstanding beef, he got Lil’ Wayne and Pusha T on a song together on “Maybach Music VI.” The gag is that the artists weren’t aware of the decision.

Last night I got to play a few joints for a few people and to me, one of the most meaningful records is ‘Maybach Music VI,’” he said to Megan Ryte. “I wanted to make this s*** special in a different way. Causing some great n***as to put what I consider some bullshit behind them. There’s a difference between having differences with n***as and wishing death upon n***as. We know what this is.”

Looks like things may have changed a bit.

There have been rumors that the track is no longer featured on the album, and his latest conversation might have confirmed that if you read between the lines.

During a conversation with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed he discussed the track once again, and revealed that he wanted to spark the conversation while confirming that the tracks were cleared by both parties.

“I just wanted the conversation to come up,” Ross says. “The records have been cleared by both parties, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about is this the right time to put the s*** behind us and move forward, and do something for the culture. I spoke my mind. I feel like as artists and businessmen you say what you got to say and move forward because there ain’t no money in that. Ain’t no business in that.”

Ross also reveals that he hasn’t cleared things up with Birdman since their beef sparked.

Watch the full conversation w/ Megan Ryte below.