February 13, 2020

Wall Art

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Wall Art

HOT 97 has been integrated into the Hip Hop culture for more than 20 years.  The station has been mentioned in countless songs, reached major on-air and digital milestones, and been the inspiration behind many artistic works. Learn more about the art that covers the walls of the stations below!

1 Million HOT 97 YouTube Subsribers – 24K Gold Play Button


(March 2016) Rotimi, Mack Wilds, and Dougie F Perform Live at HOT 97/YouTube Music Night – On Music Mondays, HOT 97 took over the YouTube Spaces where Mack Wilds, Rotimi, and Dougie F performed to celebrate HOT 97’s YouTube Channel reaching 1-Million Subscribers!


Artist: Sue Tsai
Title: 97


Sue Tsai;s Art

(January 2015) Sue Tsai Brings a Present to HOT 97 on Ladies First– Sue Tsai talks to Jenn From Brooklyn about her first painting, and working with Wale and Swizz Beatz.


Sue Tsai is a 29 year old artist and designer born and raised in New York with a lifelong dedication to the visual arts. With both of her parents as fine artists, Sue has grown up under a creative influence her entire life. After studying at Hofstra University in Long Island and earning a degree in Marketing, Sue decided to take her business skills and apply them to her dreams of an art career. click here for more about Sue Tsai



Artist: Chris Brown
Title: Live Fast



Chris Brown Art

(December 2014) Chris Brown spray paints at the HOT 97 studios– Chris Brown designed a piece of art right on the spot at our HOT 97 studios & talks about his art inspirations, his favorite artists, and more.