August 7, 2017

WHOA! Did Lil’ Boosie Go WAY TOO Far With This Post? [PHOTO]

WHOA! Did Lil’ Boosie Go WAY TOO Far With This Post? [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images)

They grow up quickly don’t they?

Like most fathers, Lil’ Boosie is very excited about his 14-year-old’s birthday. So excited in fact that maybe he went a little bit too far.

The rapper went on Instagram to wish his little boy Lil’ Tootie a happy birthday.

He also decided to promise him a bag (ok), and offered to get him some… well.. fellatio to keep it clean.

The caption actually comes from lyrics of a track titled “Daddy Loves You,” where he ended the track with the following lyrics:

“He act like he gonna cry, then he wipe his fuckin eyes/Some of my family members won’t accept him, dey cold hearted/But dat boy gon be a legend, he gon be so retarded/At 11 I’m gonna go get my son a ferrari/At seven I’m gon get him head at his birthday party”

Many on social media are outraged by his lyrics. How do you feel about it?

Check out the post below.


Happy gday @tootie_raww love you son with all my heart Pops see u tomorrow got a bag for you n a bad bitch to give u some head u already know how I do it Tootie Raww the mixtape dropping Oct.1st

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