Exclusive: Huey V’s New Video Addresses the Tug of War in Relationships

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Milwaukee rapper, Huey V, is making his stamp on the music scene by penning lyrics fueled with pain and resilience. In 2020, he caught the ear of hip-hop legend Memphis Bleek, who immediately signed Huey to Warehouse Music Group, an imprint label under Roc Nation.

In June of 2022, Huey released, So Below, the flipside to his debut EP As Above . The seven track project explores the realities of life, while showing pride in his city of Milwaukee. Huey’s V’s new video, “Mixed Personalities” is the fourth video to be released from the EP. The video showcases the tug of war in relationships and the drama that comes with getting to the bag. From triggered emotions to the strip club, the video analyzes the mind of a woman’s uncertainty, loyalty and love. Huey V gives his audience a page out of his diary while dealing with the everyday hustle of achieving success.

The So Below EP received major co-signs from Source Magazine, Revolt TV, Hip Hop Weekly. According to Revolt “Huey’s style is ‘…heartfelt, vivid, and honest subject matter that he’s quickly becoming well-known for. ‘ While So Below is the flipside perspective of his previous release As Above, it’s upbeat energy has consistent bangers mixed by Young Guru who has worked alongside the industry’s elite artists including Jay Z, 9th Wonder, T.I and more.” 


Following the release of his EP “So Below”, Huey V displays his lyrical delivery and clever bars in new video Mixed Personalities. From beginning to end, the video addresses issues that go on in relationships while young and in love. Huey gets personal in his raps showing a unique perspective to temptation while running the streets. 

The “Mixed Personalities” video picks up where Huey’s last video “Feelings,” left off. In preparing for his upcoming year in the major leagues of the music industry, Huey V is growing to be one of the Midwest’s poster child of the streets, youth and culture.

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