Jhene Aiko Releases New ‘Triggered’ Freestyle

Jhene Aiko
(Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Jhené Aiko decided to get some things off her chest with a brand new freetstyle track titled “Triggered.”

During the track, she shares her raw feelings following a breakup.

“Knew from the beginning, you’d ruin everything you do it every time, you are my enemy, you are no friend of mine.”

She also addressed fans with an Instagram message explaning the track to fans.

“One night I was so deep in my feelings.” she wrote. “I was afraid of what I might do. I didn’t want to revert tot he same bad habits that have set me back time and time again. I realized that instead of running away from my emotions… I needed to sit with them, express my self and say whatever came to mind. It was healing to say the least… and now I feel a bit more free.”