Maiya The Don, Cash Cobain, Sexxy Red, Tay Money, Snow Tha Product, Wale + More New Music You Might Have Missed This Week

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Maiya The Don, Cash Cobain, and New York rises as summer cometh.

West Coast hip-hop has a tight hold on the charts over the weekend, with the buzz surrounding Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar. Ahead of this weekend’s Summer Jam extravaganza, Summer Jam acts released new music throughout the week.

Summer Jam kicks off the summertime vibe. From Lil Baby returns to Wale and Maiya The Don creating excitement for basketball to Cash Cobain solidifying his seat on the throne as the new King of New York, here is a complete list of new music you might have missed this week. 

Sexyy Red Wants Us To Believe In Sexyy We Trust

Keeping the rap game ablaze with her new mixtape, Tay Keith keeps the St. Louis Hood Princess hot behind the boards. Featuring Drake, Lil Baby, and more, Red heats up the summer while avoiding traps like boyfriends and attention seekers.

Lil Nas X & Camila Cabello Fight For The Same Love And “He Knows”

Their first collaboration has them clashing with one another for the attention of the love interest. Cabello’s new single builds anticipation for the awaited album that features an all-star cast of superstars. 

Central Cee &  Lil Baby Go “Band4Band”

Lil Baby returns at the request of the red-hot Cee, and the two get to the bag. Exchanging lines about the paper chase, Cee flashy flow reignites a favored Lil Baby, and has fans eager receive new albums from both superstars. 

YG Says Today’s Hip Hop Is “Weird”

After “Knocka,” the West Coast star exposes the phony individuals that prague the music industry on his latest single. Over the hard-hitting production, he details potential run-ins with those pretending to be something there not for the clout.

Diany Dior, Nav, & Cash Cobain Find Their “Favorite Lady”

Cobain and Nav help the emerging new star find the perfect woman in the new hit. Dior’s chemistry with the two superstars is explosive and easily a popular demand on the across the airwaves. 

Calboy Reintroduces Himself As “Mr. Him”

The Chicago rap star resurfaces with a catchy reintroduction that excites new and old fans alike. He returns to the top like he never left with the signature grizzly style. 

Duke Deuce & Yung Bleu Offers “Sweet Tea”

Deuce and Bleu offer up a sweet seranade in their new collaboration cartered to the ladies. The intoxicating production mixes well with the two artists’ unique vocals and lyrics. 

Maiya The Don Sends The WNBA Into A “Frenzy”

Just in time for the league’s biggest year yet, the WNBA enlists the buzzing New York recording artist for an attention-grabbing track. With catchy wordplay and a hook that will send the crowd into a frenzy, Maiya delivers another highlight reel performance. 

Cash Cobain & J. Cole Are Talking “Grippy”

Cole World links up with the hottest act in New York to take all the women home with them on this flirtatious new collaboration. Cobain has Cole returning to his mack daddy days as he attracts with magnetic playboy lines. 

Skaiwater & Karrahboo Asks If You “wna torture me tn?”

Non-binary artist navigating their way through the industry with a long list of a-list collaborations, the United Kingdom newcomer is truly marching to their own drum. This track is honest, soulful, and has ethereal vocals from skai, while Karrahbooo spits energetic yet smooth bars.

Marques Houston Delivers “Last Drop”

The legendary R&B singer returns with a nostalgic new single in preparation of his forthcoming album. The lead single is a teary love story that satisfies the traditional R&B fans

Snow Tha Product Ain’t Havin’ It, “Nah”

A cult-like following has proven that the rap star is one of the greatest female lyricist to ever touch the mic. On her latest release, she showcases her lyrical superiority with multi-layered bars that will have you hypnotized from the first syllable. Nah, she is arguably one of the top five of all-time. 

Tay Money Drops A Summer Anthem And “That’s Hot”

The lone star returns just in time for the summer anthem campaign trail with a bouncy new anthem that showcases her undeniable star power. The hot track thrusts her back into the biggest female rapper discussion. This is why they call her Big Tay. 

Quavo Prepares New Album With “Clear The Smoke”

The Migos star leaves the beef behind him and refocuses on his forthcoming album. He clears up any confusion and reminds fans why he is one of the best in today’s hip-hop. 

Key Glock Represents “Q-Dogz”

The Memephis rappers has sufferred tremendous loss on his rise to the top. In his latest single, he cherishes the memory of one of his day ones with a heartfelt trip down memory lane. Glock’s upcoming album will be his best work yet. 

Wale Moves Rivals Out The Way Like “Pardon Us”

Florian’s affinity for sports is well-documented. For NBA2K, he displays a razzle-dazzle flow that breaks ankles as he slam dunks another hit. Move out the way when you see the DMV rap star come through the paint. 

Sada Baby Pops Out To “SDot”

Hip-hip has been missing the Detroit rap star. On his latest release, he takes it back to the streets and delivers a reminder why he is a prominent figure in today’s genre. All gas, no breaks on for this one. 

Cory Gunz, Jim Jones, And Whispers Gift Summer Anthem “Real Rights”

On the track, the Bronx spitter doesn’t back down from a challenge and is joined by Harlem capo with an assist from Whispers on the chorus, as they rap about what it means to be a “real right.” Gunz has been on a hot streak with the fourth single cementing the upcoming project’s authenticity. 

Flyboii Dada Is A “Bad Boy,” No Diddy

With the world watching his ascension, battle rapper-turned-heatseeking recording artist continues to pave a way to the top with his latest single about being a tough guy. Catchy, witty, and aggressive, Dada’s new hit earns him a best new artist of 2024 candidacy.