Rah Swish Drops Melodic Drill Single ‘Double Cup’ + Visual

Rah Swish double cup photo art
Photo credit – Getty Images

Brooklyn’s finest Rah Swish is giving fans a dose of the real him on his new single, “Double Cup.”

The track is a follow-up to his May release “Tell ‘Em.” Ahead of the song’s release, the Empire artist spoke on how he wants fans to feel when listening to the track. Rah said he’s giving fans the most authentic version of himself in his music and wants people to feel where he’s coming from.

He spoke on how the track came about and said, “I was locked in the studio, and I feel like I make the best music when I’m by myself.” He went on to say he doesn’t write his verses beforehand and freestyles in the booth. 

Take a look:

The “Watchu Like” rapper also spoke on his Empire journey. He said it’s the best situation for him right now. His advice for artists is always to do what’s best for them business-wise. He said, 

“Being at Empire taught me a lot about the business side, not only being an artist but being a CEO and a businessman.” He went on to say being signed to Empire, his first signing to a label, “benefited him more,” and he’s grateful. 

Per the press release:

In “Double Cup,” Rah Swish stays ahead of the competition with his double-time flow and emphatic lyrics. 

Rah Swish jumps into the song giving Brooklyn drill a refreshing sound. In the song, he quotes, “December so my heart is cold, but don’t try to judge me off no horoscope.” 

During the interview, Rah got personal when asked, What is life teaching you right now?” He said, 

“Life is teaching me about staying strong because there are ups and downs.” He said he feels like he’s in a growing period in his career and learning how to win. “Learn how to win and stay afloat in this,” Rah said.

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