A Woman Shuts Down Rumors Of Being Pregnant w/ Lil Baby’s Child + Lil Baby Responds 

(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

IF Lil Baby has a baby on the way, this one woman is letting the world know it’s not with her! 

A woman online had to defend herself against social media after users claimed she was the mother of Lil Baby’s alleged child. The woman goes by the name on Instagram Little Ms. Golden. Some people online were calling her out and she decided to set the record straight.

The It’s On-Site blog captured screenshots of the situation. In an IG story post, Ms. Golden said her unborn child’s father was not in the industry, so people can stop thinking it’s Lil Baby.

The blog also posted an alleged conversation between Lil Baby and Ms. Golden where they both say they don’t even know each other. Take a look: