Ari Lennox Reignites Feud With Joe Budden

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Ari Lennox reignites her feud with Joe Budden following his recent criticism of the singer on The Joe Budden Podcast.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, the “Pressure” singer posted a video from a Love & Hip-Hop Reunion special, capturing the moment Consequence punched Budden in the back of the head — playing on loop.

Fans swiftly speculated about the cause of the recent tension, particularly noting the rapper-turned-podcaster’s recent mention of Ari during his coverage on J. Cole’s comments at Dreamville Festival in which he apologized for releasing his Kendrick Lamar diss, “7 Minute Drill.”

“Y’all think I be playing with the Ari Lennox, Scottie, they do all that earthy, college campus, grassroot shit,” said Budden. “If you listen to [J. Cole’s] raps, he just been trying to be the best fucking—the best rapper, the best MC. But you gotta listen to n-gga’s story. It’s been college life.”

This isn’t the first time Ari and Joe have clashed. Previously, the R&B songstress took aim at the “Pump It Up” rapper after he criticized her remarks about her tour with Rod Wave.

“I don’t know what Joe Budden’s obsession is with me,” she began. “But what I will say is that somebody needs to tell him to stop touching them dogs. Can y’all let him know that? Tell him to stop touching them dogs. ‘Cause I don’t understand why he’s so obsessed. Like why are you so obsessed? And why was you touching them dogs. Like you’re weird. He’s weird and he’s gross. He has smoke mouth. He’s disgusting and he’s a failure.”

She continued, “Maybe I have to sue him. Is that what I have to do? Like get on my Cardi B shit and like really just spend the bread to shut his smoke mouth up because he’s disgusting. And he’s a lame. I should literally just drop $20K to sue him.”

In response, Budden referred to Ari as a “mixed bag of nuts” and alleged that she “attempted to demean and defame” him.