Bad Bunny Reveals Culinary Plans If Music Didn’t Work Out

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Before becoming one of the biggest stars in today’s music, Bad Bunny was an aspiring artist unsure if he’d make it in music. In a new interview, he shared his culinary arts plan B with Benicio Del Toro for Interview Magazine.

“I saw cooking as something creative because sure,” Bad Bunny explained. “There are recipes, but there’s also the opportunity to craft your own dishes, to create your own flavor.”

Bad Bunny began pursuing superstardom as a child and remembers coming home after school and making music on his computer.

“I actually dreamed so much about having this career,” he told Del Toro. “I’d come home from school and go straight to the computer, making beats and learning to record my own music. I’d sometimes say, ‘Damn, if this isn’t meant to be, I don’t know what I’ll do because I don’t have another dream.”

He pursued education and worked alongside his dream of becoming a superstar.

“I wasn’t going to go be lazy thinking that I’d get everything I wanted, so I went to college,” said the Puerto Rican rap star. “I had my job [bagging groceries at Econo] to at least pay for gas.”

Finding fame in 2018, Bad Bunny has released five albums, three Grammy awards, multiple sold-out tours, millions in endorsement deals, and a wrestling contract with the WWE.

Bad Bunny released his latest album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, in October 2023.