Bartender Arrested And Charged After A Video Goes Viral Of Him Attacking A Woman

Caution tape

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A Dallas bartender has been arrested and charged, after a video of him goes viral. In the video, you can see him assaulting, L’Daijohnique Lee, outside of a bar.

The incident happened over a “simple mistake.” Apparently, the 24-year-old was driving her friends to a hotel. She made a wrong turn and ended up on a one-way street. She pulled her car into a parking lot to let her friends out, and that’s when the bartender confronted her.

He attempted to take a picture of her license plate- but she warned him to “get back or else [she] would mace him.”  Bystanders caught the incident on camera, and as Lee attempts to call the police, the suspect knocks her phone out her hand. You can even see him pulling a gun out on her.

Lee, who states she was in fear for her life- attempts to defend herself by pushing the man away. That’s when he attacked her. “He charged at me, and he just kept hitting me.”

Rapper T.I. calls out fellow rappers from the Dallas area, to stand up for the young woman.

The suspect has been arrested.