Black Twitter Reacts To E! News Mistakenly Using Photo Of Offset To Report On Takeoff’s Death

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Somebody is getting fired! E! News mistakenly used a photo of Offset while reporting on Takeoff’s death.

As previously reported by HOT 97, Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, was shot and killed in Texas at a bowling alley called 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston yesterday (Nov. 1). According to TMZ, he was killed following an altercation during a dice game, which resulted in someone opening fire. The Atlanta rapper was pronounced dead on the scene. Takeoff, who was only 28-years-old, is the nephew of Quavo, and cousin to Offset. The trio came together to form the rap group Migos in 2008.

Although the article’s photo has been updated, the publication has yet to issue any sort of apology so you know Black Twitter had a lot to say.

“[E! News] just posted and deleted Instagram updates on Takeoff’s death and used Offset’s picture. Huh???? Why aren’t there knowledgeable hip hop reporters reporting this news??,” _chiinnaa asked.

FemaleRapGamee tweeted, “.@enews go to hell, expeditiously. Wrong Migo. Takeoff’s pictures have been circulating all day online and you CHOSE to post another black man instead? What’re you trying to say? I bet you it was a [white] person who posted.”

“SOOOOO…are y’all not going to AT LEAST apologize for this tweet???,” the Twitter user added.

“Sad! How y’all tried to be funny [and] put Offset’s picture on the previous post. But now changed it [and] won’t even issue out an apology! This is how we know it wasn’t a mistake [and] [it] was intentionally to target Offset & the black community! SICK. Go to the hottest part of hell!,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Your social/editorial/whatever team needs to do better. There’s no reason Offset’s picture should be displayed on a post about Takeoff’s passing. It’s insensitive to both of them/their families. And it’s giving ‘we think all Black people look alike [and] can’t tell them apart’ vibes,” wrote Marcia_too.

Westsidemanii tweeted, “E! news posting Offset’s [picture] instead of Takeoff’s wasn’t an accident. [White] media always does this to Black celebs. It’s not hard to fact check before posting. But why are y’all reporting news about someone you don’t know enough to recognize his face? Like hire some Black ppl ASAP.”

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