Blueface’s Other Girlfriend Gets New Tattoo Of His Face After Chrisean

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For the love of Blueface.


A new Blueface mugshot tattoo was revealed on the rapper’s alleged other girlfriend, Bonnie Lashay, on Wednesday (Jan.31), after Chrisean Rock revealed her new tattoo of Blueface’s face last weekend.

Acknowledging Chrisean’s new tattoo, Lashay mocked her while professing her love to Blueface and questioned whether she should get a Blueface mugshot on her face as well in the following caption:

“Got His Face Tatted Where He Love To Put His Face At. I Love blue Soo Much  A&F. Should I Do His Face On My Face Next ???”



Lashay would also comment that Chrisean stole the mugshot tattoo idea from her. “@chrisean stole my idea,” she wrote on her post. “She thought she was one uping me!!! Blue Loves Me He’s upset with me rn but i’m not going no where!! and this proves that!!!!”

Bonnie’s Instagram post poked at Chrisean with the attached song “That’s My Daddy.”

Bonnie Lashay is a former cast member on Blueface’s reality show, “Blue Girls Club.” She revealed her relationship with Blueface last week with photos and videos of the two lying in bed together. Blueface and Chrisean originally met while she was a cast member on his reality show.

Chrisean shared that she moved back into Blueface’s home last week after explaining why she can’t move on from the rapper. While the toxicity in their relationship is well-documented, Chrisean shared that she doesn’t need to be “saved” as people voiced concerns about her getting the new face tattoo.

Outside of Chrisean and Bonnie, Blueface is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and mother of two of his children Jaidyn Alexis. Jaidyn signed a record deal with Columbia in December 2023 following the success of her debut single “Barbie.”

Jaidyn has not commented on either Chrisean and Bonnie’s new mugshot tattoos.

Blueface is currently serving time for a probation violation and is expected to be released from LA County Jail this Summer. In October 2023, he received a suspended sentence of 24 months following an assault case in Las Vegas.