BREAKING: 1st Confirmed U.S Coronavirus Death In Washington State

A lab worker shows a vial containing an infected suspect's swab during the coronavirus swab test process at a laboratory in Amedeo di Savoia hospital in Turin
Photographer: Federico Bernini/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Coronavirus is a global health emergency that has the entire world on edge.

Reported on CNN, a patient infected with the coronavirus in King County, Washington state, has died. The patient was 19-years-old. 

There will be a press conference at 4p ET from Donald Trump. 

As of right now, there are at least 4 US Coronavirus “mystery cases” that aren’t linked to getting the virus from traveling outside of the country. Confirmed early this morning (Feb. 29th), there’s at least 67 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the US, the majority of which were passengers from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship. 

Across the globe, the virus has killed at least 2,922 people including 2,835 people in China. There’s Ben a total of 85,055 confirmed cases. The CDC warned that the virus is spreading at a rapid rate. 

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.