Cardi B Asks Judge Not To Dismiss Tasha K’s $4 Million Debt After YouTuber Filed For Bankruptcy 

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Cardi B. isn’t giving up on the $4 million Tasha K owes her. 

Tasha reportedly paid hundreds of thousands of the debt to Cardi, but the blogger filed for bankruptcy, and it could disrupt the flow of the “Money” rapper’s payments. 

In Cardi’s latest court appearance, she asked the judge to not discharge the money Tasha K owes her. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online Cardi filed suit as part of Tasha’s bankruptcy. 

Tasha filed Chapter 11 on behalf of her business affairs, The Jasmine Brand reports. The publication points out “the move would allow her company, Kebe Studios LLC, to continue to conduct business but ‘reorganize’ the debt she owes to creditors.”

In addition, once Chapter 11 was set in motion, the remaining money Cardi is owed was “indefinitely halted.” The report also claims Cardi’s request could be granted, “if the debt was related to a willful and malicious injury.”

In 2018, Tasha alleged inappropriate comments about Cardi. Tasha claimed Cardi had contracted an STD and abused drugs. 

One year later, Cardi filed a lawsuit and admitted during federal court, that the lies caused her to suffer from suicidal thoughts. Cardi won the case and a judge ordered the gossip vlogger to pay the rapper $3,868,753.47. 

Initially, Tasha disagreed with the ruling and refused to remove the defamatory posts until she was threatened with jail time. Last year in September, Tasha appealed the verdict. One month later, a judge ordered Tasha to pay up immediately.

A judge hasn’t decided on Cardi’s request. We’ll keep you updated.