Chinese Kitty Says Nicki Minaj Pressed her about Sleeping w/ Meek Mill + Involves Trina! [VIDEO]

Chinese Kitty

Photo Credit: Chance Yeh – Getty Images


Things went left for rapper Chinese Kitty pretty quickly after the Shaderoom posted a clip from one of her recent interviews where she mentions Nicki Minaj and Trina!


According to Chinese Kitty, Nicki Minaj is no longer feeling her after hearing that the up and coming rapper slept with her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill.


Chinese Kitty claims that after she hung out with Nicki Minaj once, the ‘Queen’ rapper called her up and asked if she ever slept with Meek Mill, then proceeded to tell her that it’s OKAY if she did, and that other women she hangs out with including Trina have done so as well, and she’s still friends with her.


Kitty says she never had any relations with Meek Mill, but it seems as though Nicki did not believe her, as she never spoke to her again after that particular conversation. Minaj later unfollowed Kitty after a song featuring her ex Safaree was released. 


It looks like Chinese Kitty messed up when she mentioned Trina as one of the friends of Nicki that slept with Meek Mill…


Trina clapped back and says she is NOT THE ONE…


Chinese Kitty later took to Instagram Live with an apology… take a look at both interactions.


Trina Responds