Chrisean Rock Admits She’s Had Three Abortions: ‘If I Have A Baby, I’m Keeping It This Time’

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In a recent interview on the “Know For Sure” podcast, Chrisean Rock admitted that she’s had three abortions while addressing pregnancy rumors with the hosts B. Simone and Megan Brooks.

“If I have a baby, I’m keeping it this time. I killed like, three of them. You know you always have that bad feeling, like, this [is] not right,” she said.

When the hosts asked the “Rainy Days” rapper if she thought now was the right time to have a baby, Rock responded with, “I wouldn’t mind if it was right now,” before retracting and saying that she needs a ring first.

The couple have allegedly been in an on-and-off relationship for years. They met when Rock starred in Blueface’s reality TV show, “Blue Girl’s Club,” alongside his baby mother Jaidyn Alexis. The show was known to be very controversial and aired on Oxygen.

Rock’s rap career began in 2020 when she signed to her boyfriend’s record label, Blueface LLC. She was reportedly dropped by the company last year after a heated argument with the “Thotiana” hitmaker. Rock and Blueface are known for their countless public physical altercations and social media drama. Their toxic love story is showcased in their new reality TV show “Crazy In Love,” which is available on Zeus Network.

One Twitter user asked, “Blueface had Chrisean do [three] abortions? She can’t learn?”

Another tweeted, “Getting disturbed at Chrisean saying she’s had [three] abortions and then asking her if she’s REALLY ready for a baby now is wild. Let that [child] have as many abortions as she wants!! She is not ready and it ain’t [none] of our business.”

“Chrisean saying she had to get [three] abortions while being with Blueface is a sign alone that she shouldn’t be with him,” wrote Teaslayzz.

“Seeing Chrisean say she had [three] abortions makes so much sense for how she be acting [to be honest],” ThatgirlTashh tweeted.