City Girls’ JT Takes Shot At Cardi B In New Song ‘Okay’

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JT of the City Girls might still have some unresolved issues with Cardi B, hinted by a line in her latest track “Okay.” In the song, JT raps, “She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/ Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin’ shit/ Put a marker to this bitch, she’s so counterfeit,” sparking speculation among fans that it’s directed at Cardi. This speculation stems from Cardi’s recent video showing a missing tooth, attributing it to a veneer mishap while eating a bagel.

Fans quickly picked up on the potential jab, with one user on X commenting, “JT clocking cardi’s tea,” while another exclaimed, “JT COMING FOR CARDI NECK OMGGG #OKAYJT.”

This tension harks back to 2022 when Cardi and JT engaged in a public spat on social media, airing their grievances and accusations. Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee intervened, aiming to reconcile the two artists. He mediated by reposting their tweets and urging for peace, stating, “Ima always try to bring people together.”

Despite Lee’s efforts, JT criticized him for initially fueling the drama for clicks and views, prompting him to privately align with her before calling it a night. “Talking to @thegirljt. We good. I’m going to bed,” he announced, seeking to mend any rifts caused by his involvement.

In summary, JT’s lyrics in “Okay” hint at ongoing tensions with Cardi B, echoing past conflicts that required mediation to quell. Despite attempts to resolve the issue, underlying tensions persist, reflecting the complexities of navigating relationships within the music industry.