Yung Miami Pleads With Social Media To Spare Her From Drama

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Yung Miami begs fans to spare her from any drama following quieting tensions with longtime friend and group member, JT.

“I am a grown ass lady with 2 kids & don’t have time to be inserting myself in anything that has nothing to do with me!” she began, taking to X/Twitter.

She continued, “I dont have a problem with anyone please leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday I wake up on this app it’s something new I am tired!”

The request garnered a mixed reaction, with many suggesting that the rapper/podcaster brought her circumstances upon herself.

“Caresha please….you got caught liking shady tweets. Nobody said you inserted yourself. You just got caught being messy [laughing emoji],” wrote one user.

“@YungMiami305 was you a grown lady WITH TWO KIDS when you decided to push coke & be a sex worker,” a second comment reads.

Meanwhile, a third user urged the rapper to stay strong writing: “Don’t let them turn yo yams into sweet potato pies… stay strong [red heart emoji].”

While vague on the “something new” she was referring to, Diddy’s former partner has faced scrutiny in recent weeks. Last month, in a new lawsuit filed against her ex-flame by his former producer, Lil Rod, it’s alleged that Yung Miami and two other women, including 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy, received monthly payments from the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul in exchange for sexual favors.

Soon after, Yung Miami became involved in a heated exchange with her City Girls group mate over allegations of “sneak dissing.”

The drama unfolded when JT seemingly misinterpreted one of Saucy Santana’s (who initially worked as the duo’s makeup artist) posts, assuming it was aimed at her.

During a Twitter exchange with a Nicki Minaj fan, Santana mentioned his regular contact with agents regarding inquiries or payments for “the doll,” hinting at a TV show. JT quickly intervened, demanding she not be mentioned in the show without her involvement, initially confusing the topic with her dispute with Miami.

Despite the confusion, after clarifying he was referring to Diddy, Yung Miami chimed in on the drama, stating, “A bitch been sneak dissing me for weeks and I ain’t say shit what a bitch mad at me fa?????!!!!!!” referencing two of JT’s more recent singles, “No Bars” and “Sideways.”

However, 24-hours later, the duo appeared to make amends. “Jatavia we just got off the phone now we back to the internet????” wrote, Yung Miami returning to X (formerly Twitter).

Clarifying the mishap behind the post on X, JT wrote: “This tweet was BEFORE the phone conversation don’t know why it didn’t go through maybe because everybody blowing up my phone & it still stands.”

“Jatavia I love you. I’m moving on.” Yung Miami replied. A sentiment that was immediately reciprocated by JT: “I love you more. I actually love you the most.”