JT Fires Back At Troll Trying To Tie Her To Yung Miami & Diddy’s Lawsuit

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This week, JT of the City Girls will begin her first solo tour. She has also spoken out about allegations concerning Yung Miami’s involvement in producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy.

On Wednesday (March 27), JT replied to a troll’s old Instagram Live video. The user tweeted, “So that’s where JT getting that shit from? Makes perfect sense now.”

“First of all I was in the half way house being drug tested EVERY night I went in!,” responded JT to a social media user. “I explained this YEARS ago I NEVER did cocaine & never will it actually destroyed my family! Y’all get on her making jokes about shit for shits & giggles & don’t know ppl post trauma! Stop playing with me! PLEASE.”

According to Lil Rod’s lawsuit, Yung Miami was involved in the alleged transportation of “pink cocaine.” Pink cocaine is a potent mix of ecstasy and cocaine called “tuci.”

Lil Rod discusses Diddy’s affinity for pink cocaine and how it is distributed through his alleged drug mule, Brendan Paul. A new layer of complexity has been added to the ongoing legal saga surrounding Diddy with these startling accusations against Yung Miami.

Yung Miami appeared unfazed after news surfaced of Diddy’s properties being raided by federal agents on Monday. She responded to social media users questioning her whereabouts during the raid and shared tweets like, “I let Santana pick my hairstyle today I’m tew aggravated.”

JT hits the road this week and will release a new song with Doechii on Friday, “Alter Ego.”