Accused Sex Worker Denies ‘False Allegations’ Surrounding Relationship With Diddy

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Instagram model Jade Ramey addresses allegations of involvement as a sex worker amid federal probe involving Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“Yes, I dated someone. Dating someone doesn’t directly correlate to any of the false allegations made,” said Ramey in a statement via Instagram, on Sunday (April 7).

“How unfortunate we’ve entered a time where caring for someone or falling in love is worthy of scrutiny in the court of public opinion. I considered pushing my launch for obvious reasons, but the record breaking support GIADA WORLD has seen this week reaffirmed that I need to just keep going.”

She added, “What I’ve realized is that you guys are my silver-lining. Thank you for the love & thank you for the continued support not just for me, but my art”

Check out the post below.

Jade’s response stems from her involvement in a recent lawsuit against Puff, filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. In the lawsuit, Jones claimed that Combs subjected him to unwanted sexual advances and coerced him into sexual activities with sex workers. Among those named as a sex worker allegedly hired by the award-winning artist was Jade Ramey, also known as “Jade.” Yung Miami and Daphne Joy, 50 Cent’s former girlfriend, were also cited in the legal filing.

Last month, federal authorities stormed Diddy’s pads in Miami and Los Angeles as part of an ongoing investigation into human trafficking. The Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) team executed the raids as part of their efforts in connection to a federal sex trafficking case.

The development arises amid a wave of lawsuits targeting Diddy, accusing him of sexual assault and sex trafficking, claims he has vehemently refuted.

It’s worth noting that Diddy has not been formally charged or accused by federal prosecutors of any crime.