Yung Miami Says She’s Tired Of Being ‘Strong’ Following Recent Allegations

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Yung Miami says she’s tired of “being strong.”

We previously reported that the City Girls rapper was named in legal documents as a “sex worker” for Diddy, who she was reportedly once dating. Miami was also accused of being involved in the alleged transportation of “pink cocaine.” Pink cocaine is a potent mix of ecstasy and cocaine called “tuci.”

After a video of Miami on the Jason Lee Show went viral of the rapper explaining that she’s a “whore,” Miami clarified her comments. The video was shared by 50 Cent, in which she expressed, “I think this got taken out of context, it’s a gay slur ‘What’s up wh***’ is something my gay cousin always said to me. It’s c–t it’s a slang that we said to each other that’s what I was trying to explain to Jason because he’s gay and he got what I was trying to say. I’m not a prostitute. I never sold 🐱a day in my life. & I hate how this is getting spun.”

On X, Miami says she simply “gets tired of being strong all the time..”