Yung Miami Responds To Claims Of Being Diddy’s ‘Sex Worker’ And ‘Drug Mule’

Yung Miami Responds To Claims In Diddy Lawsuit
Terence Rushin/Getty Images

Yung Miami is shutting down claims that she worked as Diddy’s “sex worker.”

We previously reported that Miami was named in legal documents as a “sex worker” for Diddy, who she was reportedly once dating. Miami was also accused of being involved in the alleged transportation of “pink cocaine.” Pink cocaine is a potent mix of ecstasy and cocaine called “tuci.”

Seemingly responding to the claims, Miami tweets, “y’all be going for ANYTHING”. In response, a fan replies, “you for that 250k a month..” which Miami allegedly was getting paid for the “work” she did for Diddy. “Something the internet made up and yall ran with it!!! Niggas don’t even pay that for child support why tf would a nigga ever pay me 250k for. FOR WHAT??..”