Coi Leray Apologizes To Adrien Broner For Harsh Rejection

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Coi Leray says she had no-ill intent when she rejected Adrien Broner.

We previously reported that Broner shot his shot at rapper Coi Leray while she was on Instagram live. “I’m on your body!” Broner commented. 

He added: “Be at my next fight in Miami May 31st at the Hard Rock on me [heart emoji].”

Coi caught wind of his comments and replied, “trying to bag me on Instagram Live is crazy,” she said. “Like dead a**. Get the f*ck on.  Okay. Like, that’s f*ckin’ corny. I’m not interested. The f*ck are we doing here? I’m going. I’m getting the f*ck off of here. Go look at my post. I’m about to post my cover. Bye, ya’ll. I love you.”

Broner responded to Coi’s sentiments, “just make sure everybody at my fight at the Hard Rock Casino in Miami May 31st.”

Coi then took to Instagram to apologize to Broner for her brutal rejection. “Wasn’t trying to be harsh however I hope he wins his fights and many more.”

Broner is not the first celebrity to have eyes on Coi. Power actor Gianni Paolo also shot his shot at the “Players” artist.

“Team single for life — unless it’s Coi Leray,” the actor said while speaking to TMZ. He also said he jumped in her DM’s however, “I mean, she left me on read a couple weeks ago, which is crazy.”

He suggested he may have come on too strong, “I just said like, ‘You’re my wife’ — that’s the opening line, always. So I said that. [She] viewed that, viewed my whole Story and I was like, ‘Damn.’”

“I showed Michael [Rainey Jr.] on set because I was talking to her the week before. He goes, ‘Damn that’s cold,’” he added.

Sorry Broner and Paolo- better luck next time.