Coi Leray Responds To Her Father Benzino Calling Her Out

Coi Leray attends Universal Music Group Hosts 2020 Grammy After Party on January 26
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages)

Coi Leray and her dad Benzio are at odds.

Benzino called Coi out via social media. Benzio addressed a line in Coi’s song “No More Parties” where she raps, 

“My daddy let me down

But I promise you I won’t let up

I wanna say f**k that man

But this shit won’t make me better.”

According to Benzino, he claims that line is “cap.” In the message, Benzino said,  “That [line] in her song is [cap] my name and rep is very important to me and nobody is gonna tarnish that for story line u dig? I still love u very much coileray but this gotta stop.” He continued, 

“I don’t need clout, I am and always will be the clout and I’m very proud of what you are doing so I don’t need to prove nothing to anyone. You know I was there in your life every step of the way and when sh*t got rough I still was there. Don’t matter though, this industry is full of f**k n****z and b*tches, so I’m always here when shit get thick I’m just 7 numbers away.” He went on to mention that he gave Coi a good life growing up. He also wants Coi’s mother to stop feeding into the situation.

“Tell your mother enough is enough, I took care her, you Taj and your two brothers whom have their own fathers and I treated them like mines. I don’t want or need credit, I was suppose to do all that and I did. I realize a lot of y’all out there grew up hard without the love of your fathers because they were absent. Well I’m not one of those fathers. I was there period. Now stay tf off my timeline with that goofy sh*t.”

Coi hopped on social media to respond. In a series of Tweets, she said

“Just like a month ago he called me. We spoke. Told him I needed him. I needed my father in this cold world. He said I should of been a boy.” In another message, she said, “And this is why I NEVER WANTED ANYBODY TO KNOW !! IM EMBARRASSED TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER.” Take a look at screenshots, captured by The Neighborhood Talk blog, the Tweets have since been deleted. 

Coi also hopped on live, and spoke on the situation more. Take a look at a screengrab shared by The Shade Room:

Coi later Tweeted that she wished she kept this private, but she’s learning and growing from her mistakes. Hopefully, they can work everything out peacefully. 

Check out Coi Leray’s latest banger “No More Parties” remix ft. Lil Durk: