Coi Leray Signs Island Records, Shares New Single “Wanna Come Thru”

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On Thursday (Jan. 25), Coi Leray announced she’s leaving Republic Records for Island Records. In celebration of the new deal, the 26-year-old rap star released her first single on the new label, “Wanna Come Thru.”



Leray takes her sound into a new direction with her new track produced by Mike Will-Made-It (“23”). “It’s a culture-shifting record,” Mike told Billboard. “The song is just fresh and forward-pushing. What I love about it is it sounds simple and easy to digest and instantly puts you in a mood. It’s the best feeling ever to be able to create a song that makes the listener feel good. This is hit No. 1 fasho, we have plenty more on the way. The Ear Drummer/Trendsetter Way.”

“This song is about me on my grown and sexy,” Leray told Variety. “Grown and sexy means being so in love with yourself — that it is one of the most sexiest, maturest, grownest things that a woman can do. As you get older and you tap into your womanhood and your femininity and I feel like you should embrace that. It’s feeling good for yourself; looking in the mirror and just loving yourself. 2024 is going to be my grown and sexy era. I’m taking over this year. I’ve got so much new music and a whole new side of me to get to know.”

Coi Leray signed her first deal with Republic Record in 2019. They released two albums together with Trendsetter (2022) and Coi (2023) and hit songs “No More Parties” and “Blick Blick.”

With her new deal and track, Leray enters arguably her best year yet. Set to perform at this year’s Coachella, she adds “Grammy-nominated” to her resume, as she is nominated for two Grammys: “Players” in Best Rap Performance and the David Gutta single “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” in Best Pop Dance Recording.

Entering her “Grown and Sexy” era, Leray spoke with the Grammys about her first nominations displaying her versatility as an artist. She told journalist Taylor Crumpton: “One of the biggest things and accomplishments for me as a artist is for people to know me and admire my versatility. To be nominated for two of my voices — my melodic, my rap, my singing — it’s a dream come true. I wouldn’t want it no other way.”

Coi Leray sat down with Hot 97’s Nessa last April to discuss performing at last year’s Summer Jam and what to expect from her music. Watch the full interview below.