DaBaby Sued For Allegedly Knocking A Man’s Tooth Out During A Video Shoot! 

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Hennessey)

DaBaby is caught up in a situation! 

As reported on Yahoo, DaBaby was sued by a man named Gary Pagar, who is the owner of a California vacation rental home. According to Pagar, back in December 2020, DaBaby rented the home to shoot a video and due to COVID-19 restrictions, only 12 people were allowed. 

Pagar claims DaBaby showed up with 40 people, which was in violation of the lease agreement. The article also reports under the lease, the property can’t be used for commercial purposes. Pagar went to his vacation home where DaBaby was to shut it down, but then the alleged altercation took place. According to Pagar, DaBaby chased him, punched him in the face, and knocked his tooth out.

Pagar also claims the rapper told him not to call the police but someone else did and that’s when DaBaby and his crew left. According to the lawsuit, Pagar claims DaBaby took his cell phone, valuable kitchenware, destroyed the security camera, caused thousands of dollars of damage to the home, and didn’t pay the full rental bill. 

It’s not clear how much Pagar is seeking, but DaBaby’s manager, Kinsza Virgil, is also named in the suit. DaBaby has yet to publicly address the matter, we’ll keep you updated.