Damn! Nas Accusing Kelis of Violating Custody Agreement

Kelis and Nas  Celebrate His Album "Hip Hop is Dead" at His Black & White Ball - December 18
Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat – Getty Images

It looks like Kelis isn’t completely innocent in regards to the ongoing custody battle between her ex husband/music mogul NAS.

The latest on the two claims that Nas is accusing Kelis of denying him from seeing his son during Passover weekend.

On the other hand, Kelis says that their son Knight wanted to be with her during the Jewish holiday.

It has been reported that Kelis makes it difficult for Nas to see their eight year-old son Knight, and has also tried to prevent him from picking Knight up from school.

Since Kelis violated the custody agreement, Nas is now requesting $22 thousand dollars for lawyer bills.