DaniLeigh’s Brother Asks Permission To Serve DaBaby Via Newspaper Ad

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DaBaby has been skillfully evading a lawsuit aimed at him following a well-publicized altercation in 2022 involving his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh‘s brother, Brandon Bills.

If the court grants the request, the rap star could be served unusually and unconventionally.

While both parties offer contrasting narratives of the incident, Bills is pursuing legal action against the Baby On Baby creator. However, serving DaBaby with the lawsuit papers has proven challenging, as he remains elusive.

Efforts to locate DaBaby have included hiring a private investigator, but this avenue yielded no success in serving him the legal documents. 

Upon filing their case in court, the plaintiff must serve the defendant with the paperwork notifying them of the lawsuit and request that the court clerk issue a citation. This is called “service of citation.”

Bills have now explored unconventional methods, such as proposing to place an advertisement in a local newspaper to notify DaBaby of the lawsuit, though this request is pending court approval.

Despite the legal drama, DaBaby engages his fans through his music. He recently released two new singles, the first titled “GRAMMY PARTY,” which has garnered significant attention despite its brief duration of under two minutes. 

The track resonated with his audience, surpassing 3 million streams on Spotify within a month of its release.

Following up with another single titled “WONDER WOMAN” two weeks later, DaBaby maintains his musical presence. While this track has accumulated approximately half the streams of its predecessor, it still demonstrates his enduring popularity among listeners.

DaBaby’s latest album, Baby On Baby 2, dropped in 2022, although it received mixed reviews from music critics. Despite any setbacks in the legal or critical realm, DaBaby’s artistic output and fan engagement remain robust, showcasing his enduring impact in the music industry.