Demi Lovato’s Bodyguard May Have Been Her Life Saver After Overdose!

Demi Lovato performing
Photo Credit: Joseph Okpako – Getty Images


According to TMZ, Demi Lovato was near death when she allegedly overdosed on Heroin.


Sources claim that Demi’s assistant thought she was dead, and screamed frantically in her home ‘she’s dead, she’s dead’ upon finding the singer that Tuesday morning.


Demi Lovato’s bodyguard reportedly rushed to her side, where he saw blood from her hemorrhaging, and vomit, which is what probably clogged her airways.


The bodyguard then performed some sort of first aide technique to keep her alive.


After propping her up, trying to clear her airways, the paremedics arrived.


We are hoping Demi Lovato gets the help she needs!