Destroy Lonely Accused Of Brutally Assaulting Girlfriend, He Denies

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – AUGUST 05: Destroy Lonely performs during Lollapalooza at Grant Park on August 05, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Rising recording artist Destroy Lonely was accused of brutal assault by his ex-girlfriend, who shared the gruesome photos on social media on Monday (June 24).

In a series of deleted tweets, the Atlanta artist’s ex, who goes by the social media handle @ayishamia, detailed numerous incidents of physical and mental abuse. According to her, the 22-year-old rap star broke her head open in Germany after pushing her into a bedframe and slapping her in an Uber. She further accused him of slapping her in the face, slapping her on the floor, and verbally abusing her. The tweets would also reference music superstars Don Toliver and PinkPantheress.

“Cracked my head open in Germany after pushing me into a bed frame and then threw all my shit in the hallway ….. all because I was tired and didn’t want to get up at that exact second to roll a blunt,” she wrote while showing images of her injuries.

She continued: “Cry baby ass ni**a. Mad over Lucki you verbally abused me for an entire 21 hr flight to Germany and when I finally snapped and hit you choked me and and then called my mom to play victim.”

“We were out once with at least 10 ppl,” she tweeted. “We argue,I want to sit in the car till the race over you take one of my phones to try n stop me. I order a Uber to go. you hop in my Uber and slapped me in my face 4 times and then same night u go cry on the song w @pinkpantheress2 about it.”

Don Toliver is mentioned about Lonely allegedly having an issue with the Houston hitmaker. The tweet reads:

“Just weird af I couldn’t even listen to @DonToliver . Any time I tried he either make fun of me or him calling him g*y and a fagg*t then the second we stop talking for a month u go record music with him and send it to me verbatim “now I see why you like him so much.”

“In Tokyo he wanted to me go to one our friends events. we had just argued so I wanted to chill instead. verbally fight I leave hotel u follow me for the entire 20 min walk. I give up and walk back to hotel. You snap and choke and drag me 3 times by my neck at the edition”

She proceeds to bring up another incident, including Playboi Carti. She shares:

“On HIS birthday last I wore a white dress for HIM. He loved it. Then the second we get around carti he go tell me I embarrass him Im wore that dress so carti could see my pussy then called me a whore about it for months. Nigga you are embarrassing tf.”

“This all came from him finding texts in my Phone with my friend saying I might break up with him when we get back from LA cause I ain’t feeling his energy anymore. We tried to fix that but he kept. Playing victim.”

She concluded: “U hid in La and Miami and didn’t want to come. Home and tried to tell everybody u single mind you I’m really just at home ignoring you blowing. Up my phone day and night. Then flew to NY about a week and some change ago to try come get me back. Like u can die where u at fr.”

Deleted tweets show Lonely dismissing his ex-girlfriend’s allegations, tweeting, “Everybody who knows me in real life knows this ain’t facts, or me. I’m not proving myself to the internet or no woman.”

The news of the alleged assault follows the release of Detroy Lonely’s new single, “Luv 4 Ya,” which is the lead single from his upcoming album. The highly anticipated project is the follow-up to his 2023 album, If Looks Could Kill.

Destroy Lonely, real name Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III, is the son of the well-known Disturbing The Peace (DTP), Ludacris’ record label, and artist I-20. Lonely has accumulated popularity with his buzzing tracks “Euros,” “Bane,” and “Potato Loaded,” featuring Quavo. Destroy Lonely signed a deal with Playboi Carti’s Opium/Interscope in 2021. 

No charges have been reported filed against Destroy Lonely at this time.