Dr. Dre’s Oldest Daughter LaTanya Young Says She Hasn’t Seen Her Dad In 17 Years

Dr. Dre performs onstage during the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour at The Forum on October 4
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Dr. Dre’s estranged daughter is speaking out.

According to a report, Dr. Dre’s 37-year-old daughter LaTanya Young said she hasn’t spoken to her dad in 17 years. She’s a mother of four and claims Dre hasn’t met his grandchildren. She also spoke on having hardships in life but never reached out to her billionaire dad for a dime.

LaTanya doesn’t want any money from her pops and is seeking something deeper. She said, 

“Money is not what I want, I feel better doing it on my own…I just really want to have closure. I just want to be able to spend time with my father.” 

LaTanya blames Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young for their distant relationship. LaTanya was hoping her dad would reach out after it was announced Nicole filed for divorce. She said, 

“I thought that after Nicole was out of the family, things would be better. I thought that my dad would come around. I would like him to make me feel like a daughter.”

LaTanya said 17 years ago when she did attempt to have a bond with her dad, she always had to go through third parties to see him. She didn’t have access to him directly and would have to go through his accountant or even Nicole who she said acted like Cruella de Vil. She claims Nicole wasn’t welcoming.