Eminem’s Daughter Blast The Game For Eminem Diss Track On His New Album: ‘It’s Giving Obsessed’

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Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, was not here for The Game’s ten-minute diss track towards her father.

Eminem and The Game trended online last week as The Game dropped his new album, Drillmatic, which featured a diss track called ‘The Black Slim Shady‘ which was aimed toward Em. Hailie caught wind of track and responded back via Twitter. “If you have to make a song 10mins long about someone you ‘dislike,’ it’s giving obsessed,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“My dad is so legendary that people have to diss him in their songs just to attract audience because they know they would flunk without the attention,” Hailie continued.


In the song, The Game raps, “so ficky-ficky Slim Shady, please, stand up/ Shoot the fade with me, I’d love to put these hands up/ I could .40 Glock you, unarmed/ Drop the world on your head with one arm..” He then mentions his daughter Hailie. “Dear Slim, Hailie’s with me and she’s unharmed for now (Dad, I’m really scared)/ These are the deepest secrets, I keep and I be on defense … You are not, top five, in mine, B.I.G or Pac eyes/ No André, no Nas, stop tellin’ white lies/ Sniff a white line, this the right time.”

Eminem has yet to respond to the diss track. Listen to it below.