Sukihana Urges JT To Address Alleged ‘Okay’ Diss

INDIO, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 15: JT of City Girls perform onstage at the Sahara Tent during 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival weekend 1 day 1 on April 15, 2022 in Indio, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Coachella)

Sukihana took to Instagram to address the alleged diss aimed at her by JT in the song “Okay.” Expressing bewilderment and a desire for clarity, Sukihana shared her perspective on the controversial lyrics, emphasizing her confusion over the intended target.

Referring to the line mentioning crab legs and broken teeth, Sukihana acknowledged her own experience but countered it with a statement about her positive attitude towards others, asserting, “I always show bitches love. Never hate on a bitch. Never call a bitch names.”

Despite Sukihana’s acknowledgment of her cordial relationship with JT, having attended her birthday party and exchanged what appeared to be friendly interactions, she doesn’t believe the diss was directed at her. This sentiment underlines Sukihana’s plea for JT to address the confusion surrounding the lyrics and to clarify whom she was referencing.

Speculating on potential tensions between JT and Cardi B, Sukihana urged JT to communicate openly about the situation, stating, “JT, just clear it up ’cause I know you see people tagging me and Cardi. Let us know who you talking about.”

The lyrics of “Okay” by JT include references to someone with broken teeth from eating crab legs and disparaging remarks about their veneers, sparking speculation about the intended target. Sukihana’s public request for clarification on the “diss” reflects her desire to resolve any misunderstandings and maintain a positive relationship with JT.

Her transparency in addressing the issue on social media demonstrates her commitment to honesty and openness in dealing with potential conflicts within the music industry. By seeking clarification directly from JT, Sukihana aims to ensure that any tensions or misunderstandings are addressed promptly and amicably, promoting a culture of mutual respect and understanding among fellow artists.