End Of An Era: The Age Of The Compact Disc Is Over

Rows of CD's displayed at a store
(Photo Credit: David Corio/Getty Images)

It is the end of an era!

Once upon a time Tuesdays were a holiday for any music fan. It was a time where you would head to the store before work or school to grab your favorite artists album. Every generation has a different way of listening to music whether it’s vinyl, 8-track, cassette tape or compact disc. 

It was September 1984 when a new phenomenon called the compact disc first pressed Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. Eventually, we had cd players in our cars, walkman’s, stereo systems and even our personal computers.  

Remember the days of Best Buy and Target exclusive bonus tracks? That will be no longer as they both said that they will start pulling CD’s from its shelves in July according to Billboard

They will continue to sell vinyl which has seen an increase in sales in recent times. They won’t stop selling cd’s altogether, but will instead – at least in Target’s case will only buy CD’s it actually sells. 

With the growth of mp3’s and moreso streaming audio these days – we are going into a time where most of the music you hear will be streamed over the internet. 

The transition made it easier to listen to music, but missing some of the cooler parts of enjoying that piece of music you anticipated including that personal feeling of looking at the booklet for its artwork, reading the lyrics inside, and having that wonderful collection showcased at the side of the room. 

Do you feel some type of way about the move or is it just part of the times.