Fans Claim Chris Brown’s “Unnamed Story” Is About Ye On R&B Money

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Chris Brown shared an unnamed story on the 100th episode of the R&B Money podcast that fans speculate involves Ye

The R&B singer shares a story about a night out with an unnamed celebrity at a popular L.A. nightclub in the “I Ain’t Sayin’ No Names” segment of an episode. Social media investigated and suspected that Brown was referring to Ye based on past press clips and timing in the story.

At 1:21:22, Brown told hosts Tank and J.Valentine about the night out, saying: “There was this artist, and [they] wanted to go out to the club with us … Huge artist. I’m like, ‘Alright, cool. Meet me at the crib, we gonna go to the club.’ It’s N***a Night, it’s turn-up night. [There’s] gonna be another artist in there performing, and that artist’s song was the number one song in the country.”

He continued: “We get in the club, I make sure we got the whole section full of women. The person there, [he’s] looking around. The song come on, the other artist is onstage, starts singing the song, the whole building erupt. I’m talking about erupts. Everybody. Girls in our section, they going crazy,” he continued. “I look over to this person…not a smirk, not a head nod. Nothing.”

Fans were convinced that the unidentified celebrity in the story was Kanye West based on the antics. 

“I look up, the n***a is on the DJ booth right next to the artist that’s doing the song, and he just like this,” Brown nodded blankly in agreement.

“When the song goes off, the n***a takes the mic. … So I’m thinking this artist is about to do some songs. I’m like, ‘OK, he got the itch.’ Some artists can’t take it, you know, they self centered though, they got main character syndrome.”

Brown thought the artist would perform, but things turned for the worse.

“The n***a goes on a 45-minute rant. I’m talking about talking, I’m talking about saying all of everything about nothing. It’s so disappointing. When I was in there I started looking around. The club [went from] being a ‘Yeah, everybody turning up, maybe we holler at some girls, what’s up’—it went from that to looking like the waiting room in hell.” 

The singer went to a smoking area downstairs while clubgoers inside the club turned into “psychopath people” and just wanted the music to come back on.

The unnamed artist had taken control of the club after Brown returned upstairs after 20-30 minutes, and most of the girls in his section had left.

“The last thing I hear, Such and such ain’t stick their finger in my booty. I don’t even play that way,’” said Brown. “I said, ‘Yeah, I’m out this motherfucker.’” 

Brown scolded their friend and asked him to get the artist together before leaving the club. He concluded the story with, “And I left the club. I ain’t answer no phone calls. I’m going home. I ain’t gonna say no name,” 

Fans are trying to connect the dots between Ye’s 2016 rant and Chris Brown’s recent comment, but Brown didn’t mention any names. Yo Gotti was on stage with West during the rant and had a No. 1 hit with “Down in the DM.”

Brown and Ye have collaborated on the mogul’s albums The Life of Pablo, Donda, and Vultures 1. Recently, fans shared a clip of Kanye West’s rant on social media.

Brown’s R&B Money interview discusses his favorite eras of his career, collaborating with the hosts, touring, and the future of his music. Feel free to watch the full episode below.