Female MC’s: NOW Is The Perfect Time To Take The Throne! [PHOTO]

Collage of Niki Minaj and other female MCs
(Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Andrew Toth/Theo Wargo/Jamie McCarthy/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Now is the time!

On Saturday (Feb 27), Remy Ma released a diss track towards Nicki Minaj called “shETHER.” The track not only allegedly exposed some details on her life and career, but challenged the Young Money rapper’s undeniable title as the top female MC at the moment.

Nicki Minaj has held that crown for years now, seemingly unchallenged. After bubbling on the underground scene following the release of her classic mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, her verse on Kanye West’s 2010 hit single “Monster” changed the game and put her in the top spot even before her debut album dropped later that year.

Back in 2006, Remy Ma was on her way of being the top female rapper in the game. After dropping classic verses on timeless tracks such as “Ante Up,” and “Lean Back” she released her solo album There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story. That project carried three hit singles including  “Whuteva”, “Conceited” and “Feel So Good.” Things looked up for Remy Ma at the time and she was in the debates as the top female MC during that era. It all derailed when she was sent to jail after shooting her friend in the abdomen and charged with assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion where she stayed until her release in 2014.

Following the release of “shETHER” it’s time for other female MC’s to smell blood and battle for the top spot. For years, Nicki Minaj has held that spot basically unchallenged. The Young Money rapper has been pretty quiet for the past two years, only showing up in features and random freestyles yet no one has even come close to battling for the crown in her absence.

If Nicki Minaj refuses to come back, in the sake of hip hop (where she still wants to market some of her music) she has decided to drop the title. It’s the first real time she’s been challenged in her career, and as music fans we want to see her fight to be the top female MC in the game. Not just use hip hop to catapult you to a level where you then leave us behind for the pop crowd. Yes, you can do both – them barbs are going NO where.

Hip Hop Was At It’s Strongest With The Rise Of The Female MC

As millennials we remember one of the greatest times in hip hop. A time where Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders, and Murder Inc were dominating the game. During that 1997-2002 time period we arguably had the most talented group female rappers ever. It was special. Think about it. That time period had Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Eve, Left Eye, and Missy Elliott headlining. Oh let’s also not forget Lauryn Hill who can rap and sing with the best of them. You also had Trina, Rah Digga, Amil (for a second), Vita, Charli Baltimore and more. They all proved they had skills on the mic and had commercial success to follow up.

But, that was a different time. There will not be many, especially in hip hop that can sell as much as Nicki. Those days are over. Successful singles and catchy mixtape tracks will be the new formula.

So Who Will Be The New Artists To Challenge For The Crown?

Young M.A comes to mind first as an artist who has the ability to show that she is going to be in hip hop for a while. Her hit single “OOOUUU” is a hit in the clubs and reached # on the billboard charts. As showcased in loose tracks and freestyles – including the one she did with Funk Flex, Young M.A has the juice to say I’m next up. The question now is if she can come back with another hit.

Coming out of Chicago, Dreezy found commercial success with her single “Body.” She’s beautiful, and her smile can melt hearts. Coming out of Chi-town she also has that attitude to be able to compete.

Kamaiyah put her place on the map with an impressive project in A Good Night in the Ghetto. Repping the Bay Area this artist has the talent to connect to a lot of women with her unique style.

One word to describe Leikeli47 is intriguing. Coming from Brooklyn, she raps with a ski mask over her face, which adds tons of intrigue to her eclectic style. It also keeps people focused on what matters – her talent. Let’s all be honest too, her track “Money” is catchy as f***.

Nitty Scott, MC has been doing it for a while now, yet she hasn’t received much commercial success. She’s beautiful and more importantly she can rap. Now is as good a time as ever to hit them with a hit single and come back on the scene.

Rapsody might be the most talented rapper out of this group. While linking up with the likes of DJ Premier and such, she has already created an impressive catalog with some of the most talented MC’s in the game. She has the skills to out rap anyone. If she can get that one hit for the radio it would be legendary.

All this new talent mixed in with Missy Elliott who just released a brand new single, Lil’ Kim who is planning a solo album this year, and Eve who will be featured on the Ruff Ryders Reunion tour, it could be a fun time again.

Whoever the artist may be, it is time for the rise of the female MC once again. Remy Ma proved that there is a place for more than one in 2017, and we know that hip hop is at its strongest when there is more than one female being celebrated in the genre and creating good music. With it being Woman’s History Month, I see no better time than now to see the mainstream rise of the female MC once again.