Fireworks, Newest Drones, Or Aliens In Milwaukee Wisconsin?? [VIDEO]

ET with flying saucer on his head off Interstate 15

[PHOTO Cred: Joe Sohm/Visions of America / Contributor ] I

know, you thinking ‘c’mon Tat’.. if you know my name that is, but yeah you’re thinking ‘Come on Tat, Aliens, really, in Milwaukee??’ But Let’s really look at it;

Now the argument for Aliens is strong….Fireworks?? If fireworks there’s no sound, I’ve never in my life heard of silent fireworks, plus there’s no way the fire part would have lasted that long. Drones?? I mean I suppose it’s possible, the coordination at least, the ability to be coordinated with out bumping into each other through a program running them all, that can happen, but the luminescent chem trail looking thing… yeah it feels off, that part I don’t really see as possible. Aliens?? I mean, being we know NOTHING really about Aliens, IF they exist, which I believe in science and math, I believe there’s no way in this infinite universe we are by ourselves, so I do Believe Aliens are possible!! BUT do you want to know what the news station called it?? A Flock of Sea Gulls 0_o Here’s how;