Flau’jae Johnson’s Rise To Fame & Fortune

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This two-way star is set to be one of the highest-paid student-athletes ever.

Not many incoming college freshmen could say they got a full-ride scholarship from LSU to play basketball. Even fewer could withhold that title while being signed to Jay Z’s record label, Roc Nation. However, student-athlete and rapper, Flau’jae Johnson can put these two achievements on her resume.

Flau’jae Johnson is a Basketball Star

Johnson is truly living her dream as she continues to take the next steps to further her basketball career. In an interview with ABC News, the young superstar told viewers, “There’s just something about seeing that ball go to the hoop and the splash and everybody screaming.” She continued, “I always wanted [them] to like me, that was my goal.” With nearly a million followers on her social media, it is safe to say that Johnson is accomplishing her goal.

Now, with the new NCAA policy that allows college athletes to profit through their “Name, Image, and Likeness” (also known as NIL), Flau’jae Johnson can be one of the highest-paid female athletes in collegiate sports history. Pair that with her exceptional talent onstage, Johnson is on the track to being the highest-paid student-athletes ever.

Flau’jae LSU poster.

Flau’jae Johnson is a Legendary Rapper

To add to her growing resume, Flau’jae Johnson also made it to the quarterfinals of NBC’s America’s Got Talent back in 2018. During her interview with ABC News, Johnson told interviewers, “[Simon Cowell] told me I was going to be a star. I took that and I ran with it.”

Lakia Johnson, the mother of Flau’jae, recalls her daughter’s journey in the same interview. Unlike most four-year-old girls, Flau’jae wanted to spend her time playing basketball. Lakia Johnson shared her response with viewers, “So, I put her on a team with the boys – it’s been hell ever since.” Johnson’s mother also revealed that Flau’jae’s father was also a rapper before he was tragically killed. Because of this, Lakia Johnson supports her daughter’s musical career. According to Flau’jae herself, making music is a way to remain close to her father’s spirit.

The young athlete told interviewers, “With basketball, I have my own legacy and I’m still carrying my dad’s with music.” She hopes to inspire the younger generation to follow their passions, no matter how many there may be.

Flau’jae Johnson spitting bars.

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