Flex & Nicki Minaj Squash Differences, Talk Standards in Hip Hop & Her Past Relationship #WeGotaStoryToTell020

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Nicki Minaj on a limited press run for her “Queen” album drops by Funk Flex… yes Barbz I said Funk Flex, because Flex and Nicki are on good terms again! A pretty dope hour and change exchange between the 2(that was bars but just a side effect of all those freestyles) lay before us here; A guide through the conversation would possibly be my notes below:

Starting with issues between the 2 Nicki felt NY’rs felt a way Flex states why and how he felt- Lazy with the music Nicki excepts constructive criticism but not fan of pay for play the DJ’s on other stations do.

Likes when ppl are being fair, but ppl that get paid are not giving real feedback Got to a good place, wanted to continue more music Funk said everyone holds her spot to a higher standard, she said Jay Z told her same thing at his concert(not ODRII)

Funk brought up when she was first on Kay Slay, and when the other girls Freestyled on Slay’s show, Nicki smiled… but I remember when she came up to drop music but would not sit with the at the time current street Hip Hop

Flex goes on to tell about their first club appearance together which lead to Nicki telling us how Miss Deb, Waka Flocka’s mom became her manager AND how she got with Gucci. Nicki let’s us in on a little known fact of how Gucci recorded in the studio.

Flex asks Nicki why at the time she came out why she thinks NY artists weren’t getting light at that time, Nicki breaks it down to standards and NYC’s are pretty high. Now we get to who are the artist Nicki looked up to at the time she first came out.

Then we get to the Safaree talk… Safaree takes possibly the biggest L to date when Nicki, while in the interview, calls a member in the original group to say how Safaree not only didn’t write hers, barely write his!

Then Nicki gets upset that ppl, including Funk didn’t believe in her…. But since we’re talking writing and Bars, they got to a Drake conversation… Nicki defends her YoungMoney compadre.. and Flex understands her points but then breaks down that Top 5 talk, which makes a diff…. that of course is a super debatable conversation.

Nicki said something that I feel like needs to be highlighted… she holds writing one’s own lyrics with weight, important! Then she drops a quick bomb of Safaree was paying for prostitutes

whoa Then we get back to when she was with in ATL and how wayne reached out, off of seeing her on ‘The Come Up’ DVD. Nicki proceeds to talk about her growth up until signed and her loyalty for Young Money. Then we talk about the monster verse and what it was like being on a record with greats like Jay & Kanye and who did what…

Then we jump to Barbie Dreams…. [End Notes, fully caught in conversation]