Floyd Mayweather Goes OFF On Canelo & Oscar De La Hoya; Will Fight Pacquiao May 5? [VIDEO]

Mayweather attends Game One of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final between the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights

(Photo Credit: Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

This is the state of boxing in 2018.

Canelo Alvarez shocked the sports when he announced that he had signed a $365 million deal spanning 10 fights and five years with streaming company DAZN – a deal which is considered the richest in sports history.

While speaking to reporters, Alvarez called out Mayweather, in a rematch of their 2013 fight which is the only loss in his career. Mayweather didn’t waste much time responding to the challenge, and mentioning his suspension due to performance enhancing drugs.

“It didn’t matter if Canelo ate his PED steak or not this night, this was by far the easiest fight of my career,” he said.

He also went after former boxer and promoter Oscar De La Hoya, posting a leaks photo of the boxer dressed in stockings and wearing his boxing gloves. The two legends faced off in 2007.

De La Hoya responded by mentioning Mayweather’s past of domestic abuse in which he was sentenced to 90 days in jail in December 2011.

Mayweather had previous challenged Manny Pacquiao in a rematch to their overwhelmingly disappointing fight in May 2. According to Pacquiao, that fight is still in the works as he announced that he would be fighting Adrien Broner in January of 2019. 

“Floyd is going to fight on December 31 and I’m going to fight January 12,” he said to The Mirror. “After that, we’ll know… he’s coming back, we’ll discuss it after Broner.

Mayweather last fought UFC lightweight Conor McGregor in August 2017. The rematch that no one asked for would allegedly happen around May 5, 2019.

“If that fight happens, I want Cinco de Mayo (May 5) or July.”

At 50-0, “Money” Mayweather is looking to lure another UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov to face him in the ring after being called out earlier this month.

Would you want to see Mayweather/Pacquiao again?