Future Has Some Things To Say After Being Roasted Over Son’s Rolex Birthday Gift

(Photo Credit: Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images)

Over the weekend, the internet was decided to jump on Future after video was released of him giving his son a brand new rolex for his fifth birthday.

Much of the conversation compared him to his step-father’s message on Instagram which mostly shared his thoughts on his relationship with Baby Future.

It seems as if the rapper, was not too happy about the conversation going on social media, and decided to share some thoughts with a few words on Twitter.

“Love yourself 1st and be able to live with every decision u make with no excuses…,” he wrote on one tweet. “Let’s focus on uplifiting each other free of charge if u really want to make a difference… keep them bad vibes to yourself,” he wrote in another soon afterwards.

See his full set of comments below.